History of the hotel

A family business since 1592 - history of the hotel

The “Golden Star” has been in the possession of the Wagenender family since 1592 and was operated as an inn, butcher's and cattle trade for a long time.

In 1936 Max Wageneder, the father of the current owner Gerhard Wageneder, was born.

He completed the master's examination in the confectionery trade and gave the "Golden Star", which has been run as an inn since the 1940s, a new accent by expanding the inn business in 1960 to include a "confectionery espresso".

In the same year Max Wageneder married Theresia Berger. The children Maximilian, Eva and Gerhard came from this marriage. 

In 1972 the main building was rebuilt and rebuilt as well as the first extension in the rear area.



Son Gerhard completed his apprenticeship as a chef and pastry chef and took over the family business with his wife Eva in 1998.

The two sons Maximilian (hotel clerk) and Gerhard (tourism clerk and Bachelor of Arts in Business) emerged from this marriage.

In 2005 the first large extension took place; 13 rooms and a sauna area were created in the new “Haus Stern”.
In spring 2020, the entire head office was completely rebuilt on Abtenau's market square. 

Tradition meets modernity: 2020

Since the reopening on August 20, 2020, the "Golden Star" shines in new splendor. 

The successful, careful merging of tradition and modernity in connection with the excellent quality of the cuisine from the kitchen and pastry shop resulted in the establishment of an additional "fourth star".

The Wageneder family keeps the hotel and guest operations up-to-date for their guests and, together with all the friendly staff, ensures a familiar and relaxed atmosphere in the **** Hotel "Goldener Stern".