A family business – since 1592!

Aside from the operation of the guesthouse zum Goldenen Stern, the Kerschbaumer family also worked in farming, butchery and cattle trade. The houses and buidlings located on the then market square mostly belonged to the siblings of the head house Goldener Stern.

The market square served as a meeting point for all cattle traders, farmers and businessmen. From 1935 onwards, the business was managed by Maria and Engelbert Wageneder, which has been used as a guesthouse only since 1940.
Max Wageneder was born in 1936, finished his apprenticeship as a confectioner 1954 and became a master confectioner in 1959. Max Wageneder expanded the guesthouse and changed it into the Confectionery-Espresso “Goldener Stern” in 1960. His sweets and cakes won several awards and prizes in his time. Max Wageneder also married Theresia Berger in 1960 who gave him his children Maximilian, Gerhard and Eva.

The best confectionery apprentices

The best confectionery apprentices from all over Salzburg have been trained in the “Goldenen Stern” since 1980 and the business has won 7 gold medailles at national championships as well as 4 gold medailles at state championships.

The house was renovated in 1972 by Gerhard Wageneder, who was trained as a cook and confectioner and took over the business in 1998.

Gerhard Wageneder has made serveral changes to the house and takes pains to give his guests the newest and most advanced form of service with the help of his family and employees.

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